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Influenster Holiday VoxBox ’12 Review & Swatches

29 Dec

Hi Guys, I received my Influencer Holiday VoxBox 2012 in the mail a week or two ago, but I gave myself some time to try out the products as well as catch up within the holiday madness.

influenster holiday voxbox 2012 review

Influenster Holiday VoxBox 2012 Review

I first tried out the NYC Liquid Lipshine in ‘Nude York City,’ I’d heard about the NYC lip glosses being a steal, considering they are under $3 and available at Target, they had nice color options and weren’t sticky and gross on your lips. So I was excited to find out for myself. Everything I’d heard seems to be true, although this is a nude color, it’s a really pretty nude with a lot of shimmer, but not over the top. It was a nice gloss, but wasn’t sticky and goopy like some gloss formulas. I would definitely recommend these NYC Liquid Lipshine’s, I’ll be trying out more in the future.

Here are a few swatches of the NYC Liquid Lipshine in ‘Nude York City’

NYC Liquid Lipshine in 'Nude York City' swatch on lips

NYC LIquid Lipshine in ‘Nude York City’

NYC Liquid Lipshine in 'Nude York City' swatch on lips

Next I tried the Goody QuikStyle Half Round Brush


What they say: The Goody® QUIKSTYLE™ Half-Round Styler Brush is the perfect blow out brush with a convex half-round shape that allows hair to curl around the microfiber base, removing water while adding lift and body as you blow dry!

• Absorbent microfiber bristles remove 30% of water for faster styling*
• Antimicrobial microfiber* bristles keep brush fresh
• Comfort-flex grip for ease and control
• Slim profile offers more maneuverable use
• Side vents for fast drying between uses
• Easy to follow usage and cleaning instructions on packaging
• Available in an assortment of bristle tip colors in charcoal, blue, and lime green on a neutral silver base with blue microfiber


What I say: This brush has so much potential, I love the concept of it, but it fell short on one deal-breaking aspect for me. The idea that is soaks up extra moisture after you shower is genius, and the fact that it is shaped as a half round-barrel brush is also impressive for those of us who need a little extra volume. But the brush itself hurt my head, it was extremely uncomfortable. If they tweak the bristles or whatever it is that makes the brush so unpleasant when actually being used, this would be an amazing brush.

Have you tried this brush? Is it just me that it hurts when brushing?

Next, I tried the Kiss Nail Dress in ‘Teddy’ or KDS15

Kiss Nail Dress in 'Teddy' or KDS15 review

When I first got these in the Influenster box, I really didn’t want to use them, they just seem tacky to me, but it’s a good thing I tried them, I’m actually super impressed. Above you can see what comes in the package, a bunch of different sizes (used for fingers or toes) and a two-sided file. First let me say, I’d never done this before, nor expected much. I originally was just going to apply one to show, but was impressed that I finished them. Now I plan to keep them for new years.

Kiss Nail Dress in 'Teddy' review

How cool? Once the nails are filed down they look nice, and I look pretty impressive with my nail art capabilities. The nail pieces are sticky, and seem to be held pretty well in place. I just applied them today, so I’m not positive how long they will last, they are advertised to last up to 10 days, but I will update with that information. Some of the nail art comes with added jewels (like mine) and some are just flat designs, my only concern with the added jewels is that there is more dimension and slightly rigid at the tip of the nail where you file, and I’m afraid it will catch on things. I want to try this floral design without the jewels and see if those seem more secure:

Kiss Nail Dress in KDS18

Overall, I had no desire in this product before I received it and gave it a shot. Now, as long as the product stays on for a few days, I’ll purchase them in the future. They’re definitely worth a shot, and look much better on your nails than you would expect from what you see in the package.

Kiss Nail Dress in 'Teddy' or KDS15

Update: Sadly, these nails did not even last me until new years day. One day later they were peeling off, the edges just never fully stuck on which left a tiny edge to catch on everything, and it was really frustrating.

kiss press on nails after one day

kiss press on nails after one day

As you can see, some I just had to fully peel off because they were so far gone, and the others you can see the tips slowly peeling. After only one day this was pretty disappointing  I dont know if it could be because of the jewels in this particular design, but I guess your best bet with the Kiss Nails is for a one night type of deal.

I haven’t had the chance to try out the Quaker, Eboost or SoleSociety products yet, but as soon as I do, this post will be updated.


Conair Infiniti Pro 1875-Watt blow dryer review

28 Dec

This is a review of the Infiniti Pro by Conair™ 1875-watt blow dryer.


I’ve owned the Infiniti Pro by Conair™ 1875-Watt Salon-Performance AC Motor Styling Tool Model 294 for a while now, I wanted to give it a good run before giving an honest review.

Here is the basic product description:
Infiniti Pro by Conair 294 Full Size Dryer – Salon performance AC Motor – Up to 50% faster drying time and up to 3x longer life. Unique OMBRE finish. 1875 watts. Ionic technology. Tourmaline ceramic technology. 3 heat and 2 speed rocker switches. True cold shot button. Removeable filter. Hang Ring. 

Overall, I really enjoy this blow dryer. It drys my hair super fast and the ‘medium’ power is pretty darn high, so the ‘high’ is an awesome super speed.  If you’re looking for a really light, slow speed, this dryer wouldn’t be for you.

Another plus, is the cold shot button. Most dryers only offer a cool shot, but this device actually has an AC motor to produce cold air.

It comes with two attachments:
A diffuser attachment that distributes harsh dryer heat more evenly throughout the hair and a concentrator attachment directs airflow, giving greater control during styling.

It prevents frizz and enhances shine, which I do think it succeeds in.

The dryer is four pounds, when I read reviews before purchasing this I found a lot of negative comments that it was too heavy, but it seemed to have enough positive reviews that made it seem worth it. I do not think this blow dryer is too heavy, it is no heavier than any blow dryer I’ve previously had. Sure, I’d like one that weighs .5 lbs, but that’s just not going to happen.

Finally, this is a great blow dryer. Check it out here.
Or find it at Ulta (where I got mine) or CVS, Target, etc.

Also available in this color


Have you tried this dryer? Or have a dryer you’d recommend?

Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in sweetheart swatch

25 Dec

Swatches of Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in sweetheart.




Wearing falsies mascara, naked palatte, and maybelline super stay liquid foundation in natural beige.

Christmas eve at brad’s families, the strawberry Santa’s didn’t make it long, big hit.


Strawberry Santa Claus

24 Dec

I made an attempt at a few things I’ve seen around the internet tonight, this one I am most proud oStrawberry Santa Claus

Can you find the fattest, saddest, looking Santa?

Lets rewind a bit..

Strawberry Santa Claus

I sliced off a tiny piece of the top of the strawberry (with the leaf) to make them sit flat (and used it as the bottom), then sliced off enough off the pointy end for the hat.Strawberry Santa Claus

I blended up one container of cream cheese (8 oz) and approx 4 tbsp of sugar and a dab of vanilla extract. I didn’t have all the fancy caster sugar or essence, but this was delicious anyhow. Then found this method of filling the piping tube to be most convenient when working alone.Strawberry Santa Claus

In some I cut a small divit in the strawberry so more filling could fit. plopped his hat on and added little buttons and a pom on his hat.Strawberry Santa Claus

For the eyes, I picked up brown sprinkles with a matchstick (with a bit of the cream mixture on the end so they stick to it easily) How cute are these?!

I’ve seen these made with just whipped cream but I would imagine that would fall flat too quickly. This mixture is thick and seems to hold well, I’ll report back in the morning if that’s not the case.

My sister and I aren’t exchanging gifts this year, but she’s hosting christmas, so I wanted to give her a little craft/drink. I discovered this idea/tutorial at Something Turquoise blog. It’s a Mason Jar Cookie Mix with a pre-made direction tag, thanks to Something Turquoise.

Mason Jar Cookie Mix

Mason Jar Cookie Mix

Merry Christmas, guys!

update: they still looked perfect for the party today. Success!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe Review/Swatch + Bonus Deal at Walgreens!

20 Dec

So I went to Walgreens yesterday to pick up a few things and use some rewards, here is what I ended up with:Walgreens Haul

Revlon Grow Luscious Lash Liner (haven’t tried it out yet)
Neutrogena 3-in-1 concealer for eyes
London SOHO brushes (I’ve used the crease brush and I really like it so far, the bristles are nice, and it was on clearance for $4.99!)
Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector Concealer
Maybelline Super Stay Makeup in Nude & Natural Beige

Maybelline Color Tatto Tough as Taupe Swatch

I was excited to try the Maybelline Color Tattoo that I purchased in Tough as Taupe, you can see above that it is a pretty matte color, and could potentially be hard to wear alone. So I tested it out with some other taupe-like shadows…

First I grabbed my Urban Decay Eye Shadow Insurance Policy Palette:Urban Decay Glamazon with Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe

The left is the Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe alone, the right is Urban Decay Glamazon alone, and the middle is Glamazon applied over Tough as Taupe. It’s sooooo pretty and vibrant.

So I had to try another, a more matte shade:

Coastal Scents and Maybelline Tough as Taupe

Coastal Scents brown shade & Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe

The right two are the same as above, the far left is a brown shade in my Coastal Scents 88 Color Palette (which I highly recommend) and the next is that same shade over Tough as Taupe. This one wasn’t as exciting, but it showcases how much more vibrant these color tattoo shades can make shadows.

Lastly, I grabbed my Wet n Wild single eyeshadow in Nutty:

Wet n Wild in Nutty and Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe

Left: Wet n Wild in Nutty | Right: Nutty placed over Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe

Again, it made the shimmery shade much more vibrant, and gave it a perfect base.

Overall, Color Tattoo – Tough as Taupe works really well as a base color, much like the MAC paint pots. If only they would make one to dupe MAC Paint Pot in Painterly.

This is definitely a keeper for me, and I’m looking forward to trying some of the other shades. After I swatched these I scrubbed my hands and the color tattoo marks barely budged.

Here is a quick swatch of the Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector Concealer, this is supposed to cover up redness and I approve of the packaging, in an easy-to-use stick. I’ve seen this used in youtube tutorials so I had to give it a shot.Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector Concealer

So after I got home and unloaded my supplies, I found this:

Walgreens Beauty Sample Box

I’d never heard about this, so I’m pretty interested to get this in the mail. Apparently when you make a beauty purchase of $30 or more at Walgreens you’ll receive this voucher with a code to claim your beauty box (until 2/14/13)

My options were Beauty Must Haves, Beauty Cravings, or Radient Skin. I went with Beauty Cravings because it seems to include both hair and makeup products. I’ll definitely be reviewing this when it comes within 4-6 weeks.

Have you tried any of the Maybelline Color Tattoo shades? If not, you should check them out!

Other notable beauty deals:

Click here for a free sample of L’oreal Paris’ new line
Print this for a free Clean Hair Care travel size at CVS
Check Cukoo’s site here to score two nearly free Clean Hair Care

I found a nice place for my Martha Stewart products mentioned in my review post here.

Martha Stewart Home Office

As always, feel free to leave any questions, requests or input!

Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Review

19 Dec

I went to staples to pick up Sharpies, just Sharpies, of course I don’t leave without spending $75. I discovered Martha Stewart with Avery’s Home Office line. I wanted everything.Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Review

I found this paper holder thingy to place on your desk (or anywhere, really) which acts as the base, and there are a ton of stackable option to add to it. As you can see I bought the long four  slot piece, with a cover. Everything is made so nice, and it actually tucks perfectly into the base piece. I’m definitely going to be going back and slowly adding to this. Either way, it’s just so cute.

There were also a bunch of booklets with 40% off an item coupons, (which I cleverly tucked in the drawer) which the cashier let me use a few of. So I also got a nice planner for the year and a journal. I was attracted to everything because of the appearance, but it’s all so handy and useful.

This collection has beautiful colors, which can accent any room. I believe they offer just white, black/brown, and this turquoise. They all have this simple pattern on them, which I’m not sure if you’re able to see from my photos.

Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Review

They also had the chalk labels and various kinds of label and tags for pretty much anything. Magazine holders which double as filing organization, and matching pencil holders. I need it all.


Click here to browse the collection at Staples

Click here for a demo of the stackables, be aware, it’ll make you want it all.

Have you tried anything from this Martha Stewart with Avery collection?



UPDATE: I’ve added to my Martha Stewart + Avery Collection!

Martha Stewart with Avery review

Martha Stewart with Avery review    Martha Stewart with Avery review

Wet N Wild ‘Mauve Outta Here’ & Revlon Nail Enamel in ‘Popular’ swatches

18 Dec


I picked up WnW lipstick in ‘Mauve Outta Here’ a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been wearing it quite a bit. It’s a pretty, simple mauve color. Very wearable, and for one to two bucks I cannot complain. It leaves my lips looking extra full, too.wet n wild mauve outta here swatch

The nail polish I’m wearing in the above photo is from Forever 21: Love & Beauty in ‘purple,’ they’re pretty creative with polish names.

I also grabbed Revlon Nail Enamel in Popular, which I found for 75% off. I generally stick with non-metallic or shimmery colors, but I had to try it out. I surprisingly enjoy the color, it looks a little more vibrant in the photos here, so next time I’ll probably wear a lilac or nude color underneath.

revlon nail polish in popular swatch

I have very brittle nails so under ‘popular’ I used Avon nail experts ‘strong results’ length & strength complex, which helps thicken them.

P.S. I graduated this weekend!

 (mom & I) and my wonderful boyfriend got me a voucher for my first hour-long custom massage, can’t wait.Image