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Red Carpet Gel Manicure System Review

5 Jun

Hi Guys,

I have completely abandoned my blog while learning what working full-time life and traveling is like. Having a job where my computer is always in front of me makes it hard to switch off from work mode.

Anyway, I finally got an at-home gel/shellac manicure system. I used it for the first time a few days ago, with pretty low expectations…

Red Carpet Manicure Professional LED Light

The lamp itself is super light, small, portable. I followed the directions the best I could, first applying a light swipe of the ‘Prep,’ which just soaked up any excess water/oil whatever could be on your nails, this literally evaporated in a second.

Next, I applied a light swipe of the ‘Structure,’ which was almost a goopy texture, but spread easy enough. I personally chose to paint and place under the lamp my first four fingernails, then both my thumbs, then the other four fingernails, since the lamp is small. So after I applied the ‘Structure’ coat, I placed my nails in the above order under the lamp for 30 seconds each.

Next I applied my color. I have a heavy hand, and have always been guilty of applying way too thick of coats of nail polish in general, that doesn’t fly so well with this system, which I learned. You are supposed to apply a THIN layer, then place your nails under the lamp for 45 seconds, then do a second coat. The few nails that I applied too much onto dried a bit like a mountain on my nail, but it actually smoothed out pretty well. I learned my lesson, though.

Finally, after you’d applied your polish color, you apply the ‘Brilliance’ coat, then place your nails under the lamp for 45 more seconds. Then you’re supposed to use one of their products and take a tissue or wipe and brush it across yours nails. This was scary to me, because they still seemed sticky (which they were, thats what you’re wiping off) but reluctantly I did, and the polish stayed in place! I personally just used a kleenex since I don’t have the formula from Red Carpet and it worked just fine, it just seemed oily at first.

The ladies at Ulta said you don’t necessarily need that formula to remove the stickiness, just use a Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover.

Red Carpet Its Not a Taupe

So how did it turn out? I love it!!  This color is ‘Its Not a Taupe’ which is a pretty, neutral grey color.

My nails are incredibly brittle, they peel so much and just bend backward, as weak as possible. When I paint my nails with a nail thickener, numerous coats of polish, and a top coat, it will have chipped/peeled off by the next day.

The picture above is a few days after I did the manicure (try to look past my own lack of nail painting skills) and they are so strong and thick and no chipping, which is a feat in itself.

Red Carpet Gel Manicure Review

You can see in this picture on my pointer finger there is the little mountain of polish from me applying too much at once, but I can’t get over how well this works and how much money it’s going to save me.

I will update in a few weeks with how it held up. I’ve seen from other blogs it stays fully for about 2 and a half weeks, which would be unheard of for my sad nails.

Do you have a gel polish system at home? What brand of gel polish do you prefer, I’ll be stocking up.