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Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Replacement Insoles

29 Oct

Hello! It’s been too long. Working on a computer all day tends to keep me away from my computer on my personal time… Today I have to share about a gift from Influenster.com:


I received the Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Women’s Replacement Insoles from Influenster to test out and share my opinion. After considering purchasing these for quite awhile, something always stopped me, as they aren’t cheap for something you don’t know will be beneficial or not. Insoles always seem like they are a want, rather than a need, but that may be untrue.

I personally placed these in my Nike LunarGlide 5’s, which are relatively new. I removed that insole, which already provides great support. These insoles seemed almost identical to the Nike LunarGlide 5 insole, which is a good thing. I’m interested to try these insoles in other shoes, without so much provided support, and they will make a world of difference in the shoe. While running, doing calisthenics, or running errands, these insoles absorbed the shock, majorly in the heels, but all over.

Overall, I would recommend these to active women. I personally could benefit from a little more arch support, but that’s just due to my high arches.




I’ll be posting soon about MeUndies.com, I’ve had exceptional customer service with them, in addition to a great product. As well, I’ll have a post on Red Carpet Manicure swatches.